At first glance, this blog may seem like some juvenile waste of time. It is clearly devoted to toilet humor, which immediately brings to mind junior high memories. But take a closer look. This is not just a poorly written collection of hundred-year-old jokes you’re hearing for the thousandth time. These are not half-hearted middle school attempts to disgust the cute girls sitting behind us in the computer lab. Instead, this is a collection of articles that have been written with great care and thought. Yes, humor is a large part of what we do. Every one of us enjoys a good time and most of these stories can be quickly read for a good laugh and a quick pick-me-up. Beyond that, these pages give us an opportunity to express something which all of us experience, but seldom speak of. We are not trying to be dirty or inappropriate; we just want to share this forgotten aspect of life. While there are a few contributors who share often and contribute to the creative direction of the blog, all are invited to join. We can all learn by sharing our experiences and by opening up to each other. So take a moment. Read a few stories. Laugh. Sympathize. Remember. Don’t forget your youth, and don’t forget how to enjoy a good story.
The more people who share the better the stories will be. Tell us your best bathroom story. Regale us with a tale to make us laugh, make us cry, or inform us on a restroom-related topic of which you are particularly interested. We’re just having a good time, so add your personal poop to the toilet bowl of life and make it a little more interesting.