Log Blog App

by thisisthelogblog

Not too long ago, we at the Log Blog were contacted by someone who admired our work and wanted to introduce himself. We do not get much fan mail at the Log Blog, so this was exciting. As it turns out, the person who contacted us was on an app team working for Chicago-based app developer, Janitor Ltd. When we found out that they had just released a new app titled “LogBlog”, we felt it would be wrong for us not to do a story on them.

“LogBlog” is the first app released by Janitor Ltd. It is an app that links together a community of people to tell their best #2 stories. Recognizing that such an idea could quickly disintegrate into a crass, pointless source of trash, we were happy to discover that this app retains classy feel while still allowing one to relieve stories and experiences about pooping. As for the app itself, navigation is simple between the Roll, Public Log, Me, and News tabs. . Users can push logs to each other and share experiences with the entire community.

One of my favorite things about this app is the mission statement of the team that developed it. Their mission is “to generate donations through bringing awareness to colon cancer and the lack of global sanitation throughout the world.” We thought that it was great to hear about people who took an off-the-wall idea like blogging about pooping and turning it into a way to better society. Portions of the proceeds are donated to helping those afflicted with colon cancer through Janitor, Ltd.

All-in-all, LogBlog is a classy app with a solid purpose. There’s a free version and a version for $0.99, so check it out.